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Moving to Garfield Victoria

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Moving Here?

First let us begin by thanking you for choosing the beautiful Historic Township of Garfield for your new residence!

We want to try to assist you in settling in and finding everything you need easily and at your fingertips.

If you search around our site you'll find all the information you will need. Kindly let us know if we are missing something.

Council Matters:

Here are some of the other utilitiy companies you may need to contact:

Electricity and Gas Providers:

You have your ownchoice of electicity and gas providers.
For electricity outages please contact AusNet

Water Supplier:

Public Transport:

Garfield is is part of the Gippsland Line, serviced by V/Line, with regular rail services between Melbourne and Traralgon; and between Melbourne and Bairnsdale.  

Local Banking:

Bendigo Community Bank is available in Bunyip with an ATM for your convenience.

An ANZ ATM is located on the Pharmacy wall for your after hours convenience.

Our local Australia Post Office, through Bank@Post, is now providing access to banking services, you or your small business can conveniently make withdrawals, deposits and balance enquiries. With access to over 80 banks and financial institutions you’ll find it easy to manage your money locally.

Television Reception:

Most of Garfield falls within the Melbourne Metropolitan reception area and you should recieve all regular and HD channels.
However, there are some black spots in town where an additional antenna will be required to receive Traralgon regular and HD channels.

 Choose IceTV for an unparalleled TV experience, we did and never looked back. Try IceTV for "Free" for 30 days.


Garfield Primary School's motto 'Care to Learn, Learn to Care' is lived through our daily teaching and learning practices. We support our students to become motivated learners, as well as caring and positive members of our community.

Garfield Kindergarten offers 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten programs. We have developed an environment where children can create, explore and experience the joy of learning.

Places of Worship:

Local Cardinia Shire Council - Bunyip Ward

State Electorate - District Narracan - Region East Victoria

Federal Electorate - Monash - Victoria

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