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Township of Garfield
Established in 1886

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Township of Garfield
Established in 1886
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Garfield Township Development Plan
Cardinia Shire Council
17 August 2020

6.1.6 Garfield Township Development Plan (DP06)
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The Garfield Spectator is our local community publication.
Please support the Garfield Spectator with your news stories.
Click on the link to download the latest edition.

Their objective is:

To produce and distribute a Garfield community newsletter that –
  • Publishes articles and pictures contributed by members of the Garfield community
  • Publishes articles and pictures pertaining to and of interest to members of the Garfield community
  • Provides a media for Garfield related organizations to promote their activities and forth coming events and to report on such activities and events
  • Provides a media for Garfield business and those with a market in the Garfield area to promote their business and inform the Garfield community of their products and services

(Excerpt from the Garfield Spectator issue 120)

Ode to Garfield and we can do
by "Brewster" Greg

We can now do the things that you expressed as is your daily right
You made this town so special so soak up it’s delight

We constantly endeavour for the things you do like most
Like meat that is from Presto‘s and the Locks for all your post

We have our bread from Cannibal Creek or the Magpie Stump next door
Miss Hangries for that Special touch or the Pubs Parma’s that’s for sure

We are gifted from Impodimo and dressed by SOHL so fair
Just visit Miss Frankie or Emma for some of their added flair

We have Indulgence for our beauty and Lulu's for something sweet
And to have our cafes to dine in and people just to meet

We have the lure of the horses at Mary’s so do tell
Near enough to our Shelley to counsel you so well

We have the picture theatre to open accordingly to Fred
Can’t forget about our chemist doing great things as often said

We have our special Community shop and never to see a frown
For their investment can be often seen around our magic town

We even do some Real Estate and of course there’s Brides to be,
Wow when it’s all said and done Garfield spells community.


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